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Happy Halloween! - wintergreenmint

Oct. 31st, 2005

02:50 pm - Happy Halloween!

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Tonight will be handing out candy and then going on a ghost tour. It snowed last night, but so far today the weather had held.

*yawns* Man, I am tired. I am thinking of trying to catch a little cat nap. Hmm...that kind of sounds like something my grandma would say. I must be getting mentally old. ha.

Today I surfed ebay some. That can get addictive. There is this really cute japanese 3/4 sleeve shirt I want. It had light blue sleeves and a picture of a monkey on it with the characters that spell out the word. Ebay also had true looking Asian blouses that I have been drooling over for some time now. Someday I think I'll get one. It would look awesome with a pair of black pants for dressing up. The red one looks snazzy, but I think I'd have to buy the blue. Seeing how it is my favorite color doesn't hurt matters. The red also seems slightly over the top. I'm more of a mellow character. Last week I bought Emilie danskos off ebay. I can't wait til they arrive. They will be perfect for work since they are closed-toe sandals. Plus danskos are just so darn comfy anyway. Someday I'll have a collection I just know it. Giving how I am a shoe fanatic and all. :)

Maybe I should get off the internet and go study for the two exams I have this week...

Current Mood: bouncybouncy